About Us

Our Russian translation service has been meeting your translation needs since 2001. We specialize in translation from English to Russian and vice versa as well as related services such as editing and proofreading, localization, and DTP services.

Our translators are professionals with many years experience in Russian translation and have already successfully completed hundreds of projects in translation (Russian-English and English-Russian). Most of them are members of local professional associations (English into Russian translation) in their respective cities.

All of them have special backgrounds in addition to their training in Russian language translation (such as technical universities, business schools, medical institutes, etc.). Our translators use industry-standard tools (like Trados, etc.) for the best-quality translation in Russian. Also, we offer other services in the area of translation (Russian to English).

Our editors are experts in their fields (engineers, computer experts, legal experts, doctors, etc.), and they are able to guarantee semantic literacy of translation (Russian-English, English-Russian).

We offer services in the field of technical English and Russian text translation. We are interested in long-term cooperation with translation agencies, manufacturers and suppliers of technical appliances and equipment, in addition to other companies.

If necessary, before the beginning of a new large project, we test our translators in order to select the most appropriate ones for the individual jobs on translation (English to Russian or Russian translation to English). We do this in order to provide you with the highest quality services possible.

We specialize in the following fields of English to Russian and Russian to English translation: equipment for gas and oil pipelines, petroleum processing, ecology, geology, construction, civil engineering, road building, water supply, sewerage, engineering services, engineering industry, power engineering, electric equipment, automation systems, communication, computer-aided technologies, software and hardware, business documents, contracts, medicine, and many others.

In addition, we are ready to provide translation to Russian, translation to English, or translation to other languages in any format, using DTP if desired.

The advantages of using the services offered through our Russian translation site are: professional quality, large volumes, quick results, and competitive rates.

We will translate English texts into Russian or translate Russian texts into English for you in the shortest time possible, because we work with the best russian translators in Europe.

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