Long-Term Customers

We take part in many large translation projects. Using our translators’ database we are able to select the most suitable professionals for each individual project in order to form a working group. Each group is managed by professional editors who are responsible for uniformity of style and terms.

It is obvious that such groups may work on a permanent basis with the same customers for many years. We value these long-term projects which allow us to use our diligently formed working groups and form long lasting relationships with our clients.

We work with many well-known translation agencies such as

  • ISSELservice (http://www.isselservice.it/) / IsselNord (http://www.isselnord.it/) (since 2001),
  • Skrivanek (http://www.skrivanek.com/) (since 2001),
  • translations CE (http://www.t-ce.net/) (since 2004),
  • Eurotext Translations (http://www.eurotexttranslations.com/) (since 2008).

Also, for a few years we implemented some large jobs for

  • Plancenter,
  • Siemens,
  • Biznet,
  • Palex,
  • Logrus,
  • Waterman.

We invite merchant, product and all other interested companies for long-term cooperation.

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